Ace SMART — User Guide

The SMART User Interface

The SMART application is designed to make it easy to work your way through the evaluation process. This section highlights the key areas of the application itself and how you will interact with them.

Body Tabs

The body of the SMART interface is composed of a set of tabs, each of which handles a specific aspect of accessibility conformance and reporting.

Figure 2 — Tab bar includes tabs for Publication Info, Conformance, Discovery, Distribution, Result, and Reporting. The active tab is indicated by a blue bar above its name.

In a typical evaluation, you will work your way through each of these tabs one at a time, but you are free to jump around and review the information in any order. For example, you might prefer to verify the discovery and distribution metadata before beginning the process of verifying conformance.

Message Panel

The message panel appears at the bottom of the SMART interface whenever issues are found during validation. You can manually validate an evaluation using the "Validate" button at the top of the SMART interface, but automatic validation occurs whenever you generate metadata or reports.

Figure 3 — The message panel is separated from the main content by a black bar with the title Validation Messages.
SMART message panel

The panel contains a list of validation warnings and errors that were discovered. The severity of each message is indicated in square brackets at the start.

Figure 4 — Error messages are prefaced by the text "[ERROR]".
Error message

Note: While warnings may be ignored if they are determined not to apply, errors should always be corrected before publishing a report or using the metadata the tool generates in an EPUB.

To go to the location of the warning or error, click on its message. Errors and warnings are also distinguished visually in each tab by red and yellow backgrounds, respectively. The aria-invalid attribute is also used to convey this information to assistive technologies.

To close the message panel, click the X button in the left-hand corner.

To re-open the message panel, press ctrl+m or re-run the metadata or report generation operation you were trying to perform.