Ace SMART — User Guide

Generating Reports

After completing all of the evaluation steps, it is possible to generate a report based on your findings. This report can be included in the EPUB publication or hosted on the web and linked to from the publication.

The types of notes to include in the final report is customizable, allowing different levels of reports to be generated for different audiences.

Note selection options

By default, all notes are included in the output. It is also possible to selectively include the following messages:

Failure descriptions
Failure descriptions are any messages input into the text field that automatically appears when a success criterion's status is set to Fail.
Notes are any messages input into the text field that automatically appears when the "Add note" checkbox for a success criterion is selected.

There are two buttons for generating reports:

Preview and Create buttons

The Preview button opens the report in a new browser window so that you can review it. This page is only temporary and cannot be bookmarked or its link sent to other people. It only exists as long as you keep the window open.

Note: Although saving the source of the preview page is possible, it is not recommended. Browsers may inject their own markup and scripts.

The Create button results in a prompt to download the report locally to your computer. Your browser may automatically save the file to a specific location, such as a Downloads folder, but this default can be changed so you can pick the location and name (search for instructions for your preferred browser).

If any errors are encountered while compiling the report, you will receive an alert and the errors will be listed in a message panel at the bottom of the page.