Ace SMART — User Guide

Evaluation Result

The next step is to report the conformance of the publication and provide information about the testing organization/individual in the Evaluation Result tab.

Note: Do not skip this step just because a publication has failed its accessibility evaluation. It is important to note who carried out the evaluation and, if possible, to provide a link to the detailed report explaining why.

First, verify the pass or fail rating the tool provides:

Text field shows that the publication has passed EPUB accessibility requirements and meets WCAG Level AA

If this field shows the value Incomplete, not all of the required success criteria have been set. Creating the final report in the next step will also generate a list of any missed success criteria. If the field shows the value Failed and you believe this to be incorrect, filter the list of success criteria by their status to find failures.

Next, provide your name (or the name of your organization) as the evaluator of the report.

Text fields for the evaluator name and report link URL

You can also specify a URL where the final report will be hosted if you intend to put the report on the Web. This URL is only used if you generate metadata for the EPUB publication using the button at the bottom of the tab. If you are not updating the publication, the field can be skipped.

To generate result metadata that can be pasted into the EPUB publication, use the Generate button at the bottom of the page.

Generate button

Metadata compatible with the EPUB version you specified when setting the publication information will be generated and made available to copy and paste from a new dialog box.

The evaluation metadata dialog box overlays
						the current screen when opened; it contains the metadata inside a textbox and there is a close button.

If any validation errors are encountered, an alert dialog will first appear asking you if you wish to continue or exit and check the problems. Errors are listed in the message panel that opens at the bottom of the page.