Ace SMART — User Guide

Automated Inspection

Note: Information on how to install and use Ace is available from the project home page.

The SMART tool is typically used in conjunction with the Ace automated accessibility checker, with the automated tool being run first to discover any issues that can be detected by machine. It is recommended to continue validating your publication using Ace until no more errors are reported, as it is possible that some errors will mask others (this is especially true for invalid markup).

The Ace tool generates two documents that are primarily important to SMART evaluations:

This file provides machine-readable data about the automatic evaluation.
This document provides a human-readable report of any issues found, as well as supplementary information like lists of images, audio and video and visualizations of the data structures of the publication.

Note: If you are using the Ace graphical user interface, you will need to use the Export option to obtain these files.

The report.json file is the one that will be loaded into the SMART interface to prepare the manual evaluation process. Do not discared the report.html file, however, as it contains additional information that helps expedite certain manual inspection processes (e.g., checking whether images are decorative or have meaningful alternative texts).

Note: The same information contained in the report.html file is available in the Ace graphical user interface; it does not matter which way you prefer to view the information.